Hà Minh Tâm trước khi bị tai nạn. Hà Minh Tâm sau khi bị tai nạn. H́nh chụp tại Shriner's Hospital. Người kế bên là y tá.

(Xin coi phần tiếng Anh bên dưới của Charles Đào, thiện nguyện viên của Tzu Chi Foundation tại Boston, MA. Chúng tôi sẽ dịch tiếng Việt sau)

Attached are the pictures of Tam Minh Ha. Her first name is Tam, but she likes to be called as Minh in school.

Tam is the worst case among the four children (that we knew from Shriner's hospital in Boston). Her burn is the most serious and she lost 100% of her eye sight. It is pretty traggic when you see the before and after pictures of her.

Here is a summary of her story.

- Accident happened in late 2001 in Saigon, Vietnam...

- Tam and her sister Phuong
was spilled with acid due to... "tư thù". Tam was permenately blinded and her whole body was serverely burned. Phuong was also burned but not as serious as Tam. Their mom was also injured slightly.

- Tam and Phuong were treated at Cho Ray hospital for 2 months. They received no support in Vietnam and their mom had to sell her house to pay for the hospital bills.

- Tam received 4 surgeries in Vietnam.

- A kind-hearted Vietnamese lady from Oregon brought the family over to the US in 2002 for burn treatment.

- Tam received care at the Shriner's Hospital in Los Angeles, she had 7 or 8 surgeries there.

- The family moved to Worcester May 2004 with mom's friend, in order to find jobs.

- Tam had 3 surgeries in Boston. Phuong received some treatment but as soon as she passed the 21 year old limit, the Shriner's hospital no longer provides free treatment to her.

- Tam's mom and her sister are working to support their lives. They do not have any other supports.

- Tam is going to special school for the blinds. She is very smart, speaks perfect English and loves to read books. She won the Harry Potter contest but could not go to England due to her non-residency status. She was very sad for that.

Cập nhật tin tức:

Ngày 22-6-2005, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT đă gởi tặng Hà Minh Tâm $200 USD để mua sách học (số tiền này đă được anh Charles Đào ứng trước và TLBT hoàn lại cho anh Charles).

Ngày 01-8-2005, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT đă gởi tặng Hà Minh Tâm $300 USD.

Ngày 20-6-2006, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT đă gởi tặng Hà Minh Tâm $200 USD.

Ngày 31-7-2006, Quỹ Phước Thiện TLBT đă gởi tặng Hà Minh Tâm $100 USD.